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Ms. Hoh Gar Ooi is a graduate of International Medical University with a Bachelor of Science in Chinese Medicine. She completed a one-year clinical internship in Shanghai Shu Guang Hospital, where she gained experience in both Western and Chinese medicine. During her internship, she became interested in oncology and started practicing TCM treatment to manage the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy using TCM herbs and acupuncture. Her areas of expertise include TCM internal medicine for gastrointestinal problems and mental illnesses, TCM gynecology, acupuncture for pain management, and health maintenance with Chinese medicine.

何嘉慧医师毕业于国际医药大学(IMU),获得中医学学士学位。 她在上海曙光医院完成了一年的临床实习,积累了中西医合并治疗的经验。 在实习期间,她对肿瘤学产生了兴趣,并开始实践中医治疗,使用中药和针灸来控制化疗和放疗的副作用。 她的专长领域包括中医内科治疗肠胃疾病和精神疾病、中医妇科、针灸止痛以及中医保健。