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Bell’s Palsy and Chinese medicine

“Half of my face droop when I woke up this morning!!”

Bell’s palsy, also known as acute peripheral facial palsy of unknown cause and can occur at any age. It’s believed to be the result of swelling and inflammation of the nerves that controls the muscle on one side of your face which caused by viral or bacterial infection. Bell’s palsy and stroke has similar symptom which is one side facial paralysis, BUT these two diseases ISN’T THE SAME!

Bell’s Palsy symptoms

  • Facial droop and difficulty making facial expressions, such as closing your eye or smiling
  • Drooling and/or increase tear production
  • Pain around the jaw or in or behind your ear on the affected side
  • Increased sensitivity to sound on the affected side / ringing sound in the ear (Tinnitus)
  • Numbness on the tongue or slurred speech

What are Chinese Medicine treatment method for Bell’s Palsy?

There are two types of treatment method available for Bell’s Palsy patient which using herbal formula and/or acupuncture. For the beginning stage, herbal prescription will be given to fight the virus and reduce the inflammation. Then, patient will be given herbal prescription to help and speed up the recovery of nerves damage as well as facial muscle. At the same time, patient also need to undergo acupuncture session to improve blood and Qi circulation to the facial muscle, hence strengthen the facial muscle.

How long will it take for me to recover? When is the best time for the treatment?

Bell’s Palsy can be divided into 5 stages from early stage to severe stage. For the beginning stage, full recovery can be seen between 1-2 months. However, if the patient in the severe stage, it needs more time to achieve full recovery. Lastly, to increase the chance of full recovery, patient needs to start the treatment as early as possible!