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Testimonial: Chronic Kidney Conditions & Managing Type 2 Diabetes

For 8 years, Mr. Chin, at the age of 65, faced the daily challenges of diabetes. Relying on insulin and other treatments, he worked hard to manage his condition.

But these treatments, while necessary, sometimes put extra pressure on his kidneys.

Unfortunately, this led to a new problem: Chronic Kidney Disease. This was a direct hit from his long fight with diabetes, showing in his constant thirst, hunger, and disrupted nights due to frequent bathroom visits.

Seeking Relief with Alternative Healthcare:

Looking for a way to ease his symptoms and protect his kidneys, Mr. Chin turned to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

He hoped TCM could offer him a gentler alternative that would work alongside his regular treatments without adding more strain on his kidneys.

With personalized herbal medicines from TCM, he aimed to find a balance that could support his body better.

Positive Changes on His Health Conditions :

After integrating TCM with his existing care, Mr. Chin started to see changes.

His overwhelming thirst eased up, and he found himself getting up fewer times at night. His appetite remained, but it felt more normal, less driven by his condition. Blood tests showed these weren’t just feelings; his diabetes and kidney function were both moving in the right direction.

Mr. Chin continues to monitor his health closely, keeping TCM as a key part of his treatment.

His experience has been a lesson in the importance of considering how all treatments affect the body. For Mr. Chin, combining the precision of modern medicine with the holistic care of TCM has been his way forward.


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