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Testimonial: 60 Years Old with Type 2 Diabetes

The story of our customer, Mr. Chen, a 60-year-old patient, stands out as an inspiring testament to the effectiveness of integrating Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with conventional treatments for managing Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.

Initial Diagnosis and TCM Approach:

With a history of impaired glucose tolerance identified a year before, Mr. Chen had not used any medication to manage his condition. His symptoms were subtle, including occasional loose stools and a distinctive pale swollen tongue with teeth marks and a thin white coating, alongside a thin wiry pulse.

These signs, in the TCM perspective, suggested imbalances that could be addressed through specific herbal formulations.

The prescription given to Mr. Chen was a modified version of Banxia Xiexin Tang (半夏泻心汤加减), a classic formula known for its efficacy in harmonizing the stomach and intestines and regulating qi.

Progress and Integration with Conventional (Western Medicine) Treatment:

Mr. Chen’s commitment to his TCM regimen, alongside conventional diabetes treatment, began to show promising results.

Over the course of 33 visits, spanning from 1/9/2016, to 12/7/2018, Mr. Chen’s health improved significantly.

His blood glucose levels gradually decreased, allowing him to reduce the dosage of his Western medication progressively until it was at the lowest possible dose.

Remarkable Outcomes:

By July 2018, Mr. Chen achieved an impressive reduction in his HbA1c levels, from 7.3% to 5.3%, effectively bringing it within the non-diabetic range.

Furthermore, his fasting blood glucose levels were consistently maintained below 6.0mmol/L.

This achievement is particularly noteworthy, as it was accomplished in less than two years, highlighting the potential of TCM to not only complement conventional diabetes treatment but also to enhance the patient’s overall well-being and stability of the condition.

The careful integration of TCM in his treatment plan, specifically tailored to his unique symptoms and condition, played a crucial role in his remarkable health improvements.



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