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Recovering from Hyperinsulinemia

Hyperinsulinemia is when insulin in your blood is higher than what’s considered normal. Some may see it as diabetes, but it’s not. Though, hyperinsulinemia is often associated with type 2 diabetes. 

Ms F, aged 35, was diagnosed with hyperinsulinemia. She visited on 4th September. Her doctor prescribed her metformin yet she suffered from gastric pain after taking the medication. She then came for Traditional Chinese medicine treatment as an alternative. With 30 sessions of acupuncture and moxibustion in 3 months time, her fasting glucose managed to maintain around 5.4 mmol/L compare to 6.0+ mmol/L before treatment. Her weight and sweat hands also seen improvement after treatment.

Research has shown that Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture helps in improving insulin resistant condition and also helps better to manage blood sugar levels. Acupuncture also helps in improving the condition through stimulating the neuroendocrine system.