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Ms. Winni Lim

Ms. Winni Lim Yun Yin graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Chinese Medicine from International Medical University (IMU). She has a strong interest in the management of thyroid-related diseases and other endocrine disorders from a Chinese Medicine perspective. After joining Xing Lin TCM Centre, she has been focusing on the management of lifestyle-related diseases and thyroid-related disorders. With her expertise in Chinese Medicine, she strives to provide patients with comprehensive and holistic healthcare solutions that address the root cause of their conditions.

林韵盈医师毕业于国际医药大学 (IMU),获得中医药学士学位。 她对从中医角度治疗甲状腺相关疾病和其他内分泌失调有浓厚兴趣。 加入杏林中医中心后,她一直专注于生活方式相关疾病和甲状腺相关疾病的管理。 凭借她在中医方面的专业知识,她致力于为患者提供全面而全面的医疗保健解决方案,以解决他们病情的根本原因。