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Mr. Anthony Wong

Mr. Anthony is a graduate of Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China, with a Bachelor of Medicine in Acupuncture and Chinese Therapeutic Massage. He worked as a lecturer at Malaysia Institute of TCM and as a Chinese physician for SSL Mobile Clinic, as well as serving as Vice Secretary General of the Malaysian Chinese Medical Association. He later established Xing Lin TCM Centre in Malaysia, where he offers TCM services for diabetes and lifestyle-related health management. He also holds a Master of Medicine in Chinese Medicine Endocrinology from Chengdu University.

黄伟彬医师毕业于中国成都中医药大学,并获得针灸和中医推拿医学学士学位。 曾任马来西亚中医研究所讲师、SSL Mobile Clinic 中医师,以及马来西亚中华医学会副秘书长。 他后来在马来西亚成立了杏林中医中心,提供中医治疗糖尿病和生活方式相关的健康管理服务。 他随后还获得成都大学中医内分泌学医学硕士学位。