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Acupuncture Success Story-Shoulder Pain

Mr Lee felt a sore shoulder along with knee and back pain recently.

After examination, there were no major problems found in the arms muscles. It was discovered that due to long standing hours, his arms were maintained in the same position, therefore causing soreness. After two sessions of acupuncture, the pain in his knee disappeared and the symptoms on the shoulders and back also significantly improved. Stretching exercises can help to relax the muscles from time to time.


近期觉得肩背及腰部酸痛,加上左膝盖疼痛而前来就医。经过检查后,发现因为工作关系 (长期站立、手臂维持同一姿势工作) 而导致,同时也检查出手臂的肌肉有问题,只是还没严重到出现疼痛。2次针刺治疗后,膝盖疼痛消失,肩背腰的症状也有明显的改善,并吩咐患者工作一段时间后需放下手头上的工作,活动数分钟,不让身体一直处于长期紧绷的状态。