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Acupuncture Success Story- Diabetes Patient

Mr Chin, 65 years old.

Mr Chin had been suffering from Diabetes Mellitus for 8 years now, and was on insulin to manage his condition. He was recently diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease, caused as a result of his existing diabetes condition. He felt excessive thirst and hunger and a frequent need to urinate, 5-6 times at night. 
Blood test readings from 20/2/2018 were at crea 203, HbA1c 8.4, and FBG range 6.9~12mmol/L.

He came for a consultation in hopes that TCM would be able to help. He was given Chinese Medication to complement his conventional diabetes treatment. He’s had periodic follow ups and adjustments to his CM since.
By 6/7/2018, Mr. Chin’s symptoms showed improvement. He had no more excessive thirst, and reduced his urination to 2 times at night, but still had a strong appetite. 

His blood test reading on 26/6 were Crea 176, HbA1c 6.9%, FPG 6.34mmol/L
He is continuing with his CM treatment and monitoring his blood sugar to this day.