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Acupuncture for Post Knee Surgery

I had surgery of my left knee for anterior ligament tear a month ago (ACL reconstruction). Although my recovery was quick, but the left knee swelling was persistent, despite constant icing, physiotherapy, gels, ultrasound treatment. My left knee range of motion was stuck at 110 degree for 2 weeks (week 3 & week 4 post ACL surgery) and my walking was wobbly due to rapid atrophy of my leg muscles. My knee felt stiff especially in the morning. As an active person who used to run a few kilometers everyday, the recovery journey is indeed frustrating.

I read a few medical journals on the use of acupuncture in post ACL surgery recovery. I discussed with my orthopaedic surgeon but he was not convinced, fearing the use
of non sterilized needles, untrained personals (in some of the dodgy TCM practice), or medications which can potentially hamper my recovery and causing complications. However, the swelling and constant stiffness took better of me, and I came to Xing Lin TCM to discuss this with Mr Anthony, who was my brother in-law’s TCM physician for his back pain. Mr Anthony agreed with me that acupuncture is useful, and I tried 1 session of acupuncture with 3 tiny needles ( let me add that the needles they used were all medically certified, sterile needles which is used once and thrown away immediately after used) on my left thigh for 30 minutes. After that, I can feel that the muscles spasm was relieved and the knee felt less stiff. 2 days later, I went back to my physiotherapist and found that my knee’s range of motion had improved to 125 degrees!!!! My walking is less wobbly as my quads muscles are not tight and I can now work on strengthening of my muscles better. I had another session of acupuncture 5 days later and then went back to my physiotherapist again one day after my second acupuncture, and my range of motion had improved to 135 degrees!!!! Mr Anthony Wong explained that the acupuncture helped to reduce swelling, improve blood flow & relax muscle spasm

My physiotherapists were extremely impressed and they also noticed a significant reduction in the swellings and the vast improvements in my recovery. I am now doing my third session of acupuncture with Mr Anthony Wong and I am hopeful that I will be able to return to my sports activities soon

I highly recommend Xing Lin TCM centre and Mr Anthony Wong. The clinic was clean, the physicians are professional and fully qualified, and the staff were warm and helpful, Thank you so much for helping me in my post ACL surgery recovery journey.